Sadama Turg - good food store!

Sadama Turg was opened on February 23, 2012. With that time, we have changed a lot, and only for the better. We have a very wide and versatile selection of goods for you. The building is divided into several departments, where high-quality food products, exquisite drinks and interesting souvenirs and gifts are always available. We have a world of our own, where there is a wide selection of large stores as well as a high level of personality and high quality which are common to the market atmosphere.

We are very proud of our selection of cheese, meat and fish. There are not many shops where it is possible to get professional advice from the butcher to find the best piece of meat. It is possible with us! The meat we offer to you is always of Estonian origin and produced by small local farmers.

One should certainly not forget our excellent bread! Our bakers make delicious and genuine Estonian bread on the spot, with several different flavors and additives. Customers' favorites are garlic and rye bread. We also have other types of bread with different tastes.

There is also a separate alcohol department in our shop with a very wide assortment and more exquisite drinks.

There is also a little exotic in the market hall - Papa Joe offers genuine Lebanese food here.

In addition to food products, you can also purchase the creations of Estonian artists and ceramic artists and a wide range of industrial goods. This is the perfect place to buy special gifts!

Over the years, we have been expanding our loyal customer base, who find their way to us over and over again. You are very welcome to visit us! Our warm-hearted and friendly staff is always waiting for you with a smile.


Legal address:
Aldar Eesti, F. G. Adolfi 11. 44310 Rakvere
Phone no. +372 666 7365 | E-mail: info@aldar.ee